Theorized Levels Of Cuil

Describing Cuils

Cuils are a mathematical concept designed to allow people to rate the interaction of reality and surreality. As such, it can help to have preexisting notions of what exactly a single Cuil, or multiple Cuils, would represent.

Theoretical 10 Cuils

All previous Cuil levels slip into the voidness because at level 10 they become Cuils to "the power" of the number they previously existed at. That means:

Cuils, level 10 muliplied by the number "10".

(Base ten multiple)


I go to McDonald's and order a Big Mac.

(A hamburger)

The person on minimum wage accepts my $4.69 as payment (I have asked for the Big Mac Meal) and then the underpaid employee at the counter asks if I want the "large" version as per company policy (they do not say "supersize me" anymore due to the bad publicity generated by that pesky Morgan Spurlock movie).

I say fuck it no, I'm not giving your corporation an extra 60 cents because your profit projections dictate that a "supersize" on 10 fluid ounces of extra sucrose water and 150 grams of regurgitated potato product (commonly known to the general public as 'fries') is going to help me in any way.

My logic is that I'm hungry and dashed in here solely on the basis of needed calorie infusion and am suffering the 'drive-in' wait quite patiently so shut the fuck up about largeness and hurry up and supersize me (however you want to call it), just give me the food product now!

My anxiety indicates that I'm suffering from a Cuil deficiency to the power of ten.

Minimum wage guy hands me food through sliding glass window while I deposit the necessary pieces of paper (dollars) through window and drive away.

I chew on hamburger given to me.

I come to the sudden realization, isn't life insane enough already, so abstract in its own reality or "irreality", that I have no need of "Cuils" to further abstract me from it's overbearing essence. 'It is' in such a way that is so total for me at every moment already that no escape from it's "isness" through 'Cuils' will ever help me in any way.

I'm sitting here in my car, mouthing a hamburger, under a sunset, with stars millions of light years old poking out of an azure sky, on a round ball, orbiting a star at 300km/second, in a galaxy arm orbiting a galactic core at 10000km/sec, who needs Cuils to the power of anything anymore, I'm already so lost in a system of measurement that any system of measurement seems entirely redundant in this spinning infinity!

Circular Cuil Theory

Thinking of Cuils as being organized in an ascending order of abstraction brings some obvious questions that are unanswerable by the very definition of the Cuil. What is the maximum Cuil ? what is the minimum and what is 0 Cuil?Can we maybe plot this on a logarithmic graph ?
In order to simply talk about this ideas it requires the entities involved to use at leas a fraction of Cuil, altering the result as a whole.
Instead oft his approach I propose plotting Cuils levels as a multidimensional object that has it 2 dimension projections equal to a circle. This way the levels become equal to the angle between the abstraction before the measurement and the one after. The arch created by the angle, when expanded in the other dimensions will contain a more larger object of abstraction in proportion with the area of the arch. This will also result in 2 implications that seem counter-intuitive but when you think about them they make a lot of sense:
1- you can just draw an angle so small that is a almost line on the circle. (the smallest possible angle that is bigger than 0°). This will only have 1 dimension in the 2d projection of the "Cuil Object" and we refer to it in normal language as "reality"
2- 0° Cuil and 360° is at the same the Time the biggest possible level of Cuil and the smallest one. This will also explain the Cuil Paradox (I ask for a hamburger, you give me the epitome of all hamburgers, to the most subjective detail). The possibility of an object being on a 1:1 ration with all the subjective details being so astronomically low than the most logical explanaition seems to be that you are as far from absolute Cuil as possible. The reality will be That at 0° Cuil you are in both states of Perfect Cuil and Infinite Cuil at the same time. Achieving that will probably destroy the universe and create it again in the same instant with the exact same details that were in the moment before 0° was reached.
Also we get to use π in the mat formulas !

- Ty Power

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