Cuil uses the Interrobang (‽) as a shorthand form of notation.


When using ‽, it should be used to replace the word Cuil as it would be used otherwise. This implies that it should follow the multiplier that denotes position on the scale of Cuil.


1‽ + 1‽ = 2‽

"The -.7‽ field that exists in the departures terminal of O'Hare airport was momentarily perturbed by a 6‽ spike. Needless to say, the flange was reticulated inordinately. Floom."

Interestingly, All the shapes of C u i l are in the interrobang. Rotate the interrobang 180 degrees for C and i, 90 degrees clockwise for u, and remove the dot and C for the l. This is currently believed to be a purely unintentional coincidence.

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