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VaraxousVaraxous 26 Nov 2017 15:38
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » What Is Cuil Theory?


It isn't a party unless you summon a lesser demon.

by VaraxousVaraxous, 26 Nov 2017 15:38

Is it a unit vector? Is is a constant? pls elaborate

What is a Cuil? by NotALoveSongNotALoveSong, 04 Aug 2017 23:20 By the time the staff of the mission center came forward, the situation had reached a fever pitch.

This is not only the quarrel between the quarrel between the black sun and xiao yuan, but has become the antagonism between the higher and lower powers.

He also didn't expect the event to turn into such a subliminal way of keeping the original ink behind him, and he would be able to stand in the way if something didn't work out.

Looking at the firm arm in front of her, she felt a warm heart at the beginning of her life. It was also because of her that she could not give her the name.

Actually, this matter · · · the early ink came out of the back of Designer Belt, the words did not finish, was interrupted by xiao yuan.

While the mission center does not specify that the higher order can take on difficult tasks, it has become the default rule for many years.

Yes, go!

Hey! I don't see any of this, this man has a face!

No one could have imagined that this little incident had caused such a stir.

The atmosphere is always getting hotter and hotter.

Under the incitement of a few words, low power unite all of a sudden, usually by humiliation and unfair treatment to instantaneous intensity, on the some suddenly broke out!

So, he deliberately amplified the volume, and almost everyone heard it.

It's human nature to be in the crowd, and there is also a fifth order master, Designer Belt, and all eyes are on the way.

What, am I wrong? Seeing that everyone was watching him, felt a sense of superiority in his heart, and his tone became more and more rational. I want to do this with Designer Belt, we have to mix what we have.

This is the sentiment of many low - order powers, who are not well paid, and are often neglected and ignored by the most advanced powers. People are not all elemental powers!

Yes! Why do you come here in fifth order to take over the task? what do you mean? In the beginning of ink, he turned his head to the middle-aged man who had spoken, and he was so ordinary that he was filled with a thick and sullen air.

What do you mean? Xiao yuan pulled up the corners of his mouth, and his narrow eyes pointed upward. that's what he means! He's a five-order master, and he's running for c-level tasks, which is a shame!

Xiao, who has been practicing for nearly 40 years, has tried hard, and he is no worse than anyone. He will not lose to anyone. But the world is so unfair, so many years, he still at the second order edge lingers, how can also not step on the third order!

See Designer Belt again, when he was practicing this guy was not born! But now, he can even imagine the future of the bright future of the city of meryang. How can he be reconciled to his own problems?

One Cuil is that you give me a cow.
Two Cuils is that you give me milk.

Re: In Laymen's terms by rdococrdococ, 20 Jun 2017 23:55

My estimation is 55 Cuils, but it could be less.

Re: How many cuils is this? by rdococrdococ, 20 Jun 2017 23:51

I define Cuil as the distance between an idea, or object, as it is perceived, and an idea, or object, as it actually exists. This would mean that 0‽ is impossible to achieve by any living organism, and the majority of humans' lives are spent between the ranges of 0‽ and 1‽ - dreaming, for example, is the most common cause of higher Cuil in regular life.

Examples of 1‽ Cuil can be found in many figures of speech - "It's raining cats and dogs" is just one example.

This also means that it doesn't make sense to talk about negative Cuil - after all, how on earth can a being understand reality more than it actually is? Positive infinity Cuil does make sense, however - this occurs when your thoughts and sensations are completely unrelated to the idea, object or world you are trying to comprehend. This point is the singularity where all other unrelated perceptions differ by zero Cuil, rather than the negative infinity Cuil named the Reddye number, which makes even less sense to me than -1‽.

I'd also like to note that, contrary to the wiki page on 0‽, the existence of reality is actually somewhat up for debate. Some people hold that reality is an illusion; which would also mean that 0‽ is a meaningless construct. However, it's still a useful theoretical point.

Also noting that the higher the Cuil you're perceiving, the more possible ways your perception can differ from 0‽.

Just ignore this.

... by rdococrdococ, 20 Jun 2017 22:27
rdococrdococ 20 Jun 2017 22:00
in discussion Cuil Unit Forum / Introductions » Hi.


I am here, and I am a pickle. I am here to discuss cuils, and I am here to give you a horse riding a cow.

Olleh. I guess.

Hi. by rdococrdococ, 20 Jun 2017 22:00

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Cuil Theorist #307 (guest) 20 Apr 2017 16:58
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » What Is Cuil Theory?

I have found a passage that has been described as "10 Cuils." Unfortunately, I have found that their calculation is incorrect, and is only 7 Cuils. Here it is:

You ask me for a hamburger. A warlock nearby floats into the plastic cup. The noodles transform into thin wires. Your wooden table at home begins to yell in anger. All cows in the world slowly disintegrate. You are given a cheeseburger by my coworker. My coworker is dead, and never existed. I instantly become vastly intelligent, but it is overwritten by the nearby pencil heads.

A beggar in the distance stands up and fades into the atmosphere. A golden tophat is given life, but realizes its fate, and turns into a hamburger. You do not receive the hamburger. You are now corporeal, but your new form does not last long. You get visions of the far future, and the long-gone past. My hand touches your brain, and you are enlightened. A growing embalming feeling engulfs your lower calf. The pitch black goes to the store to buy food, but there was no store, and the store is instead replaced by Morgan Freeman.

A situation of anxiety fills my mind, and I tell you that you want a hamburger. You forget what I have told you, and reply by informing me of my late mother. You turn to the meteor slowly growing as it consumes a glass of iced tea. The waitress nearby suggests ordering a large framed tissue box.

I do not exist.

You are within another realm, but are already a spirit.

All religions are true for an instant, but only the existence of the Flying Spaghetti Monster exists. A large cow in the distance moans in agony. The meteor is almost at the planet Pluto, where you reside. I inform you that your clothing is very sluggish, but you insist that it is, in fact, lonely. All grammar rules are false, and an English teacher at a negative distance away runs into you, and then turns into a slice of bread, and plays calming music.

I give you a hamburger, from my home in the Atlantic Ocean. You thank me, in an alternate universe, though your thanks did not reach me. You feel angry, and swing your phone at a nearby tree, but the tree was already hit by you 3 minutes ago, so you instead lightly tap your eyeball. You engulf the small, mediocre hamburger, and feel satiated. In an instant, all hamburgers are removed from the planet Jupiter, and the sun engulfs San Francisco. An asteroid collides into your handkerchief, and you sing the song of your people. The meteor hastily descends upon Earth, but you are in Pluto, so it doesn't matter. The granite airplane takes you to Earth, and you die.

In an alternate universe, you did not take the granite airplane, and the airplane was a hamburger. You instead call the police, and they lick the granite hamburger until it turns into hard candy. You eat the hard candy, but you only feel angry. In anger, you mourn for a family that has just lost their pet cow. A nearby supermarket is no longer Chinese. The Westboro Baptist Church becomes sentient, and creates a video game that is only a towel. A question floats in your mind, and you speak it. The cats nearby are offended, and you give them clay.

Steak is now ham, and you are thoroughly educated. Your education leads you to believe in a fate that will soon occur, but your unborn child tells you otherwise. I am now a grain of sand, and you hold me in your hands. I ask you for a hamburger. You give me a hamburger.

I plead for a hamburger. You refuse. I ask your pet for a hamburger, but it speaks only French. The large, stone pillar to the left of you disappears, and my hunger for a hamburger is satiated. I suddenly am filled with a large radio, but I do not play music. Instead, I play a clay pot, and it dances around the auditorium. The tennis ball hovers above my newly built coffee maker, and I am shunned by the others.

My hamburger comes to life, and we mourn its arrival. The homework is page 39 problems 42-55, odd. You do not recieve your daily income. You pass START, but your lunchbox overweighed you, and you forfeit your stolen goods. The musty air fills you with regret, and I feel nothing. I recieve a text from the police, and they tell me that they want their blue scissors back. I reply with a picture of my stop sign. I will soon be thankful for this choice, but I opened the cabinet too late, anyways. It didn't matter. You cannot truly be satiated, so your hunger grows. It soon takes a physical form, and consumes everyone nearby. My plate is empty, and yours is the symbol of disaster. A poor, old woman gasps, and accepts her fate, running into the large, physical form of your hunger. Your hunger grows into a large, granite hamburger.

I disapprove.

I touch the red button with the slightest tap, and the protocol for refreshing the page is done. I go on my booklet and read about the war of 2059, but it is relevant, so I discontinue. My boss fires me, but I tell him otherwise. I hand you a large, sculpted, hand-crafted, painted, chiseled, soft, delicate, beautiful marble hamburger. You gaze upon it, and you begin to swim in the polluted plastic waters. I take it back, but I laugh, anyways. The chest full of fortune and luck opens, and inside rests the final secret to the universe. It is soon shut, and sealed away for all of eternity.

Back on Mars, your family watches as you eat a large hamburger, and tell you that you did well. You enjoy your delicious meal, and sit down at your desk.

A new line soon begins, and you are regretful of your unwise actions. I am unaware of it, but I find out the day before. The red wires tangled around your forehead electrocute you with the power of one-thousand lambs, and you are enlightened with the forbidden knowledge of 0DNTa2.

You rest upon the heads of your fallen foes, and a new path of scissors begins. I run up to you, and the information I tell you is grim.

You will not be early for the picnic.

You look into the sky and point at a car. I understand. With my understanding, I speak in sign language to the helicopters on the ground. They don't understand my message, so I hand them magnifying glasses. Now they understand. They drive off into the sun, and explode in a fiery burst.

The burst is extremely loud, and you are now deaf. As you are deaf, you no longer can consume planets. Your hunger dies, but your vengeance grows. You slap me, and I retaliate by touching your left ear. You are shocked, and begin crying out into the dark, cold, relentless day.

No one is there to help you, so you begin crawling away. In anger, I kick you into the next ocean, and there you seek to find the knowledge of the bush. You spend three years studying the perfection of the adequate grammar, and you now know my weakness. Civilization is taken over by large, cow-like aliens, and Detroit is all that is left. You go to Alaska, and there you find me. I am an alligator, so I greet you with kindness and unforgivingness. You approve. Your approval is all I need to know that I can now eat you. As you eat me, I am sushi. Whereas, you are no more than a pencil holder.

My seatbelt is unbuckled, how could it be? I could've sworn I left those notes lying around here somewhere.


You found my long lost step brother! You tell her that my intelligence is glowing a blue, faint light, and he is anxious. Then, you see it. It is there, in front of you, in front of me! We see that one, recognizable painting. I greet you with confusion.

Wait, what just happened?

Who am I?

How long was this going on for?

Who are you?

Why were you listening to me?

by Cuil Theorist #307 (guest), 20 Apr 2017 16:58


Bikini model.
Business owner.
Coffee enthusiast.

I have a thirst for knowledge and no concept of how to even wrap my mind around this.

Thank you for letting me be here.

The last person you would expect to be here by Sophie (guest), 08 Apr 2017 05:26


But our observations are impure. Our senses are not perfectly sharp, and we can make devices much sharper than our senses could ever be. So wouldn't the physical world be zero cuils? But we are able to sense enough to know that physically things are imperfect, and aren't always the perfect representation of what they should be. So that forces us to take a step deeper. I would put forth that the distance of zero cuil can only be measured on the cosmic mesh, in the distortions caused by time and mass.

by Zyarch (guest), 20 Mar 2017 13:24

We can unify Cuil Theory with Plato's Theory of Forms pretty easily.

Any actual object can be said to exist at some positive number of Cuils relative to its Form. Any given hamburger, for example, possesses some trait which is not inherent to the Form of hamburgerness. It is impossible to have a hamburger which embodies the essence of every hamburger and nothing more. It exists at some level of abstraction (>0‽) from its Form. (Although, if the hamburger is still immediately identifiable as a hamburger, it is relatively close to its form, and is likely not even approaching 1‽)

the 8th Cuil
derfnar (guest) 03 Jan 2017 13:41
in discussion Cuil Unit Forum / General Discussion » the 8th Cuil

8th Cuil: You ask for a hamburger. Reality implodes. The rest of what happens is not known. Our tiny human brains can not comprehend what is transpiring. Reality reinstates you wake up in your bed. You look left. You look right. you are married to a hamburger. His name is Randy. She loves you. You are a turtle. The 3rd dimension no longer exists.

the 8th Cuil by derfnar (guest), 03 Jan 2017 13:41
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