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and I asked your brother to give you a remittance. So, and my brother had more than 10,000 debt, and a dozen years, how are not clear, gave up all the property, but also 20,000, follow-up to give money. But they think that getting me to college is my greatest favor. I knew that the return was so low, let me off to serve my dad.

your brother to give you a remittance by site (guest), 03 Feb 2018 14:29

property seemed to be confiscated. Ten years later, he passed away and my mom said that my dad has no legacy. When I was in college, my mom did not want to use the savings for me. When I was senior, I said that I had no money

property seemed to be confiscated by gues (guest), 03 Feb 2018 14:28

I have always been reluctant to discuss with them the harm to me. How much my dad deposits I do not know, he worked to 50s, before the illness also intends to buy land self-built buildings. After he became ill

I have always been reluctant by new (guest), 03 Feb 2018 14:28

My mom told me that in an ordinary family, let you drop out of school. It was my darkest time, my father could not protect me, I did not know what would happen in the future. Six months later, they bought a house in the city.

My mom told me that in an ordinary family by admin (guest), 03 Feb 2018 14:27

I was small on the wall lettering, vowed to leave the house. I have no money, can only rely on reading, reading out, the farther the better from them. When I was in junior high school, my grade was the best of the whole grade. My dad insisted that I go to college. I was admitted to the city's best high school, my dad was ill the next year.

I was small on the wall lettering by Here (guest), 03 Feb 2018 14:26

Why is this so? I really do not like my family, I was a second-class citizen. For example, when no one was in the house, my grandmother insulted me with the hardest words and insulted my dad. I picked up a bucket of water and poured it on my body. My brother came and smiled at me. I packed my clothes and went to my dad Running unit, five or six years old ran ten kilometers, saw my dad, he only silently hugged me in his arms cry.

I really do not like my family by Homepage (guest), 03 Feb 2018 14:25
VaraxousVaraxous 26 Nov 2017 15:38
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » What Is Cuil Theory?


It isn't a party unless you summon a lesser demon.

by VaraxousVaraxous, 26 Nov 2017 15:38

Is it a unit vector? Is is a constant? pls elaborate

What is a Cuil? by NotALoveSongNotALoveSong, 04 Aug 2017 23:20 By the time the staff of the mission center came forward, the situation had reached a fever pitch.

This is not only the quarrel between the quarrel between the black sun and xiao yuan, but has become the antagonism between the higher and lower powers.

He also didn't expect the event to turn into such a subliminal way of keeping the original ink behind him, and he would be able to stand in the way if something didn't work out.

Looking at the firm arm in front of her, she felt a warm heart at the beginning of her life. It was also because of her that she could not give her the name.

Actually, this matter · · · the early ink came out of the back of Designer Belt, the words did not finish, was interrupted by xiao yuan.

While the mission center does not specify that the higher order can take on difficult tasks, it has become the default rule for many years.

Yes, go!

Hey! I don't see any of this, this man has a face!

No one could have imagined that this little incident had caused such a stir.

The atmosphere is always getting hotter and hotter.

Under the incitement of a few words, low power unite all of a sudden, usually by humiliation and unfair treatment to instantaneous intensity, on the some suddenly broke out!

So, he deliberately amplified the volume, and almost everyone heard it.

It's human nature to be in the crowd, and there is also a fifth order master, Designer Belt, and all eyes are on the way.

What, am I wrong? Seeing that everyone was watching him, felt a sense of superiority in his heart, and his tone became more and more rational. I want to do this with Designer Belt, we have to mix what we have.

This is the sentiment of many low - order powers, who are not well paid, and are often neglected and ignored by the most advanced powers. People are not all elemental powers!

Yes! Why do you come here in fifth order to take over the task? what do you mean? In the beginning of ink, he turned his head to the middle-aged man who had spoken, and he was so ordinary that he was filled with a thick and sullen air.

What do you mean? Xiao yuan pulled up the corners of his mouth, and his narrow eyes pointed upward. that's what he means! He's a five-order master, and he's running for c-level tasks, which is a shame!

Xiao, who has been practicing for nearly 40 years, has tried hard, and he is no worse than anyone. He will not lose to anyone. But the world is so unfair, so many years, he still at the second order edge lingers, how can also not step on the third order!

See Designer Belt again, when he was practicing this guy was not born! But now, he can even imagine the future of the bright future of the city of meryang. How can he be reconciled to his own problems?

One Cuil is that you give me a cow.
Two Cuils is that you give me milk.

Re: In Laymen's terms by rdococrdococ, 20 Jun 2017 23:55

My estimation is 55 Cuils, but it could be less.

Re: How many cuils is this? by rdococrdococ, 20 Jun 2017 23:51

I define Cuil as the distance between an idea, or object, as it is perceived, and an idea, or object, as it actually exists. This would mean that 0‽ is impossible to achieve by any living organism, and the majority of humans' lives are spent between the ranges of 0‽ and 1‽ - dreaming, for example, is the most common cause of higher Cuil in regular life.

Examples of 1‽ Cuil can be found in many figures of speech - "It's raining cats and dogs" is just one example.

This also means that it doesn't make sense to talk about negative Cuil - after all, how on earth can a being understand reality more than it actually is? Positive infinity Cuil does make sense, however - this occurs when your thoughts and sensations are completely unrelated to the idea, object or world you are trying to comprehend. This point is the singularity where all other unrelated perceptions differ by zero Cuil, rather than the negative infinity Cuil named the Reddye number, which makes even less sense to me than -1‽.

I'd also like to note that, contrary to the wiki page on 0‽, the existence of reality is actually somewhat up for debate. Some people hold that reality is an illusion; which would also mean that 0‽ is a meaningless construct. However, it's still a useful theoretical point.

Also noting that the higher the Cuil you're perceiving, the more possible ways your perception can differ from 0‽.

Just ignore this.

... by rdococrdococ, 20 Jun 2017 22:27
rdococrdococ 20 Jun 2017 22:00
in discussion Cuil Unit Forum / Introductions » Hi.


I am here, and I am a pickle. I am here to discuss cuils, and I am here to give you a horse riding a cow.

Olleh. I guess.

Hi. by rdococrdococ, 20 Jun 2017 22:00

any decline in economic growth, reduce the local fiscal revenue, and then hold not to live; A relaxing regulation and became a pretty positive, Replica Ferragamo Belt ancient housing boom, pull a lot to the prosperity of industry, the land market prosperity, surge in the fiscal revenue of local governments. So for 13 years, watched the two men will come at once to Jia Ruisuo went away, but we roar. Say that monetary policy, it is in the last two years of currency issued after the M2 remains as high as more than 80 $, but this year's monetary tightening, she was angry that the real estate, real estate fund chain saw fracture around the corner. So there will be a lot of people are out to loosen monetary, dozen banner is save small and medium-sized enterprises. So romantic and for those who are in trouble, need financial support of small and medium-sized enterprises, to keep Versace Belt economic ties. For stability of avoid by all means to give money to the all of the possible collapse of the folk lending aid, nor will the loan sharks into the category of rescue, otherwise is to collaborate, for the next trigger a greater risk of ammunition. On 27 September 14 51 points, Shanghai metro line 10 two train crash occurred, number of injured is unknown, but there are more than 20 people were badly hurt. After the accident, something is, the Shanghai subway an apology from the official microblog weibo after widespread forwarding, and take the initiative to delete, and delete behavior has caused more attention. Then, this article be deleted weibo send anew. I agree with the Shanghai subway official weibo about today is ever the darkest day in Shanghai metro, although the parties deliberately stressed there is no death, no doubt, however, it is come from the common sense the impossible to happen, and lower the accident happened, in Shanghai subway official weibo own words also pale apologize more than actual damage. Shanghai metro line 10 accident shocking and incredible three: first, the Shanghai metro line 10 is a accident black line. This line was in July 29 and for those who by ukbelorus (guest), 22 Apr 2017 07:54

In this case, whether it is the provider of private lending, or use the private lending funds of small and medium-sized enterprises, are the victims of system. Therefore, the so-called rescue, the key is not to save those speculators, not to save the loan sharks, but to take this opportunity to promote the legalization of private lending and country for small and medium-sized enterprises long-term support policy, is the best relief legitimise the folk finance, and the package of policies for supporting the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. In terms of the legalization of private lending, financial institutions in our country overall is still in short supply situation, should be determined to private lending should be brought into the mainstream of the financial system, become our country enterprise legal provider of funds, this is an unstoppable trend of history; In terms of the real economy, small and medium-sized enterprises have say goodbye to the industry, as represented by real estate speculation bubble led to a lot of money flow to the virtual realm, but the small and medium-sized enterprise survival environment deterioration small and medium by ukbelorus (guest), 22 Apr 2017 07:51
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