Application Of Cuil

Using Cuil to solve and describe the real world.

Cuil is all well and good, but what purposes can it serve for mankind? This section of the site should deal with how Cuils can be used in various applications.

Fields Impacted by Cuil Theory


The brain's interpretation of its surroundings is, following the current definition of Cuil Theory, between 0‽ and 1‽. Autistic individuals are believed to experience life at a lower Cuil level than the average human, and thus have a more accurate, unfiltered view of reality. But this accuracy and lack of filtering leads to complications with human interaction which requires a certain degree of Cuilty.

A Measurement of Drug Induced Hallucinations

One of the few situations in life where someone actually experiences something far from reality, or a high level of Cuil, is after ingesting hallucinogenic drugs. Even non-hallucinogenic but mind-altering chemicals have the potential to induce low levels of reality abstraction. Highly hallucinogenic chemicals like DMT have the ability to make the user experience levels 5 or 6 of the Cuil scale, making the Cuil scale a perfect yardstick for measuring how far one's perception of reality was altered during a hallucinogenic drug-induced experience.

Categorization of "Super Powers" in Popular Media

One can analyse and compare/contrast character potentiality via the implementation of Cuils as a base-line by which to compare.
Granted, most characters will not express an influence greater than 4‽. Beyond that would compromise physical reality outside of their medium.

1‽ would be equivalent to a plausible but impossible human, such as Batman, or equivalent characters from the Watchmen series. They die when shot, are not immortal, but are greater than their fellow man by virtue of honed ability.

2‽ enters the realm of meta-humans. Superman would fall here, as would the majority of "supers." There are limits and rules concerning their physical interactions with reality.

3‽ produces para-causal abilities. Reality manipulators, high level psychics, and in-universe Gods are attributed to this plain. Doctor Manhattan and Gene Gray are prime examples.

4‽ involves meta-interactions and a concious awareness of themselves and their medium, often interacting with readers, in addition to their already superhuman capabilities. Deadpool has obtained this level of meta-influence.

5‽ is purely speculative. It denotes a fictional character who, in universe, can interact with reality outside of their medium.

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